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From the Outside Looking In

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Somedays I wonder if I look like that girl that has it all together. I bet I look like that wife who is spoiled, pampered and worshipped by her husband. I wonder if my shame, my struggles are anywhere on my sleeve. I wear them, somedays more proudly than others. Truthfully I don't know if today is that day where I honestly I can be cruising right along and *wham* ... side right.

What the ....

There will be those days. Those moments. And just like that wave that pounds, crashes and TRANSFORMS the surface of the earths shore. Those moments inline, they will come and they will go.

I don't have it all to-get-HER (even if I feel like it may be out to-get-her sometimes) However I have learned to handle much. And not in response to what is happeingn outside of me, but first handling what is INSIDE of me.

Some days I am spoiled, pampered and worshipped. Somedays I pick the sand out of my teeth.

Some moments I remind myself of the shame I carried far too long from choices I made. Those moments are like the ones when you are out playing in the surf and next thing you know that big wave sneaks up on you and *Wham* takes you, and your TOP down ... Sisters, you feel me? You just know everyone on the beach just saw your full frontal exposure. Guess WHAT... THEY DIDN'T! They are so worried about themselves they didn't even see that moment that was almost a mistakenly topless beach 🤩

And so I say dear heart ... You just got pounded by that wave of life? Thats okay... it happens. Pull up your top, never worry about who or IF anyone saw.

Life is a wave. So go ahead, #handlethat

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