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It's time to get more done with less struggle

Moms Make The Best Goal Setters

You don't lack motivation or stick to it... 

You just haven't been taught the skill of

working with your cyclical energy

The 3 Pillars of The Satisfied Working Mother Method are;

The Mastery of Time 

Mastering the Cult of Perfection 

The Mastery of Synergistic Energy

This has everything to do with the level of energy you show up with and the level of productivity you bring to your life.

Taking you from Frazzled Working Supermom

to Working Satisfied Supermom... 


"This was brand new information, that just made super sense. A great class to help us in our everyday life. The cycling of the moons and how it affects our bodies, putting this info into planning our month to be optimal in our lives, families & business. The visuals are important for me, with the ability to go back and watch the videos. I love that you’ve given the notes. So we could relax and take in what you were saying. Content was brand new to me, I loved that."

Jo Ann 

"I loved the reference sheets!  I also found it mind-blowing that there were different foods that worked better in different phases. Since I'm not in tune with my body and fight it most days, I learned why I tend to have meltdowns on a fairly regular bases."


Mastery of Time- 

You don't need another time management tool or how to organize or how to plan better AKA...

"Do more" 

The Elements here are about;

  • learning to recognize the stages of and avoid Burnout before it happens 

  • Achieve Inspired action, which drives up productivity in all areas

  • Creating Clarity and focus on YOUR most important outcomes 

Copy of The Mastery of Time .png
Copy of Copy of Mastering the Cult of Perfect-shun-14.png

 Mastering the Cult of Perfection-

 It starts so young. Adjusting your behavior to ensure the happiness of others... Mom, Dad. Do this it makes them mad, do this it makes them happy. It's also part of the way we are wired. To belong. But momma... There are too many times when this is done out of mis-alignment and it ZAPS our energy. There are cues and ways to fix this.

The Elements here are about; 

  • Forward motion is in emotion 

  • People pleasing (doing everything right YOURSELF) 

  • learning to listen to your body talk... it's telling you what perfection is for you

 BioHack your life like a MOTHER! Practical and Effective

Mastery of Synergistic Energy- 

Do you make choices based on the weather?

Well...It only makes sense to make choices based on biological rhythms too!

The Elements here are about; 

  • Specific uses & bio hacks to each of the 4 phases of your Menstrual cycle, specifically in Work, Loving (& Sex), Parenting, Body, Food, and Movement (exercise) 

  • Work with the energy of your body, taking cues from Earth and the 28 day lunar cycle that guides...Creating mastery to your feminine hormone energy to work, achieve, and live like you have never conceived before.

  • Set and achieve goals that work with the seasons of your life and the energy force within your body. Look out SMART goals 

Especially IF you would consider your hormones irregular 

Copy of The Mastery Of Synergistic Energy-5.png

Until now you've been focused on living a 24 hour cycle

You my girl, are created to operate more cyclical... cycle based energy

You have never set life goals with this deep of an understanding of your NATURAL rhythm


"Thank you for creating this space for us to gather & share in each other's successes. You are an inspiration & I love your energy, passion, & spirit." 



"Thank you for this retreat. I understand what I need to do and feel I can be successful. Your efforts are revealing your spirit of giving. Thank you for pouring your knowledge and experience into my life." 



It's time to shift the perspective of the way you see and invest your time

It's time to examine where (more than you realize) perfection is paralyzing you

It's time to understand your female body is brilliant in helping you advance

and thrive in energy cycles 

It's time to take care of you... so you can take care of everyone else

If you know it's your time... 

-In The Satisfied Working Mother Method -
you’ll go from the Frazzled Working Supermom to the Working Satisfied Supermom by:

  • Learning to identify when and where - you are stuck in a productivity cycle and headed for burnout.

  • You’ll learn to recognize and eliminate the energy leaks that stop you from reaching for your mission, your passion, your goals and big life desires.

  • You’ll learn the magic of how to sync with your natural, innate feminine energy cycle - to finally create harmony and feel satisfaction in the way you operate in your work, relationships, family, and in your own body. 

  • You’ll learn a core, simplistic, effective way to set and achieve goals that work with every facet and season of your life. 


And… Your newfound way of operating from a place that is in alignment and feels good with the season you are in - will rub off on your kids and watch out when the next generation learns -  even if only by osmosis - to do this too!

Showing working moms the bridge connecting them to their natural Cyclical energy and to unapologetically use their biology to help them achieve goals & dreams for the seasons of their lives

Hi, I’m Emily Bigelow 

For over a decade I have coached Working SuperMoms to align and achieve their dreams...

I believe in going well while doing good.

 I am a Woman helping women. In the heat of it, working, raising kids, while doing everything else.

I believe the next generation of happy thriving children starts with fulfilled, happy, moms NOW.

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