The Satisfied Working Mother MethodTM

Do you make choices based on the weather? Yep

It only makes sense to make choices based on biological rhythms too!

Moms Make The Best Goal Setters

You don't lack Motivation.

You just haven't been taught the skill of

working with your cyclical energy

You don't lack the ability.

You just aren't working in combination with the 3 Pillars of The Satisfied Working Mother Method

  Meet The Satisfied Working Mother Method  

The 3 Pillars of of The Satisfied Working Mother Method (SWMM) are based on the elements of 1-Time  2-Imperfection Syndrome and 3- Energy

This has everything to do with the level of energy you show up with and the level of productivity you bring to your life. It's time to get more done with less struggle. It's time for you to be The Satisfied Working Mother. 


Time- This isn't time management or how to organize or how to plan better AKA... "Do more" The Elements here are about

  • learning to recognize the stages and avoid Burnout before it happens 

  • Achieve Inspired action, which drives up productivity in all areas

  • Creating Clarity and focus on YOUR most important outcomes 


Imperfection Syndrome-

  • Forward motion is in emotion 

  • People pleasing (doing everything right YOURSELF) 

  • learning to listen to your body talk... it's telling you what perfection is for you girl!


Energy-  BioHack your life like a MOTHER!

Practical and Effective

This is the Global Girl Goals pillar. See ladies, your hormones fluctuate (yeah you know that) also your brain chemistry actually changes with each of the 4 phases of your cycle, setting you up for a phase of better decision making, a cycle of higher physical energy to begin new projects, a phase where you are more verbally affluent (the best time for presentations and connecting) and a phase to wrap up and really bring all the details in for the home stretch wrap up. 


There's more to this but...

  • Venus - lady it's time to Work with the Earth you live on and

  • The moon that guides, to rule your feminine life like you have never conceived before.

Even IF and especially IF you would consider your hormones irregular 


Until now you've been focused on living a 24 hour cycle. You my girl, are created to operate more cyclical... cycle based energy. You have never set life goals with this deep of an understanding of your NATURAL rhythm. I promise!

It's time to shift the perspective of the way you see and invest your time.

It's time to embrace that more than you realize perfection is paralyzing

It's time to understand your female body is brilliant in helping you advance and thrive in energy cycles. 

It's time to take care of you... so you can take care of everyone else

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