I believe in Doing Well, While Doing Good  

I am a Woman helping Women...

Go from Frazzled, Rubberband Working Supermom to Working Satisfied Supermom with my unique process called 

"The Satisfied Working Mother Method" 

I want to create a society where it is normal for the Next Generation of kids to watch their moms energetically living a life they love, where those moms make their health, their growth and evolution, AND their feeling of worth on this planet common and normal place. 

I know I can make a bigger impact on the world through the next generation bu helping their mostly Frazzled Working SuperMoms... Who feel right now they can't get further ahead or do better... to shift the perspectives of time, perfection, and lack of energy... 

Outside the old... "Good moms do more- organize and do better - and give up everything - for their kids and family" I want to share the tools and processes I know, I use, and have seen work, to get your best thriving, joyful, healthy self... living energetically each day with "The Satisfied Working Mother Method" 

I don't believe unhappy, mostly unsatisfied and unfulfilled moms raise and create happy fulfilled humans.
I don't believe you can teach your children to thrive and reach goals if you aren't doing it yourself.
 If you aren't a goal "killer" YET... it's not your fault, you just haven't learned to set goals that work with a woman's body, hormone and energy cycle, and how to set goals that work WITH the planet and seasons. 

I believe the next generation of happy thriving starts with fulfilled, happy, moms NOW.  

Don’t think about making Women fit the World     Think about making the world fit Women

I coach about the health & wellness of your female mom body and the satisfaction & success of your life. 
I only teach from the knowing, not knowledge. You won't hear from me about something I haven't done or do or know works. 

A little more about me...

~I am... A Woman, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, & Grandma

~ God is my CEO

~ I created a 6 figure direct sales business ... from home, and in the process I have lead and coached intimately a large team & of over dozens of women who generate hundreds of thousands  annually, which has defined my passion;  

~ My passion is to lead women through the process of creating a better life for themselves and the next generation. I do this through The Satisfied Working Mother Method.

~ Health, the daily habits that honor and sustain fantastic bodies, mind and soul is critical to every foundation. If you don't take care of you... You can't take care of anybody else.  

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June in Oregon 

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October in Sacramento 

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September in Salt Lake City 

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