I love dōTERRA Essential Oils and I'm not a hippie, is that possible? 

Aren't they kinda...
And HOW do you REALLY USE them? 
And well, do they even work

Lets be real, herbs, plants, oils have been around forever, since biblical days but unless you were a medicine man/woman, a shaman, or some other healer HOW DO YOU LEARN TO USE THEM? 


Check it out... 

I invite you to consider that you might be excited about getting oily!  

Essential Oils have literally changed my world.

 As a Holistic Health Coach I've used, educated on and sold Essential Oils for just shy of a decade. 
It's MY JOB to teach you 

I have all the steps already in place and waiting for you to lead you along this education path. I have an incredible online Members Only education library for you to learn at your pace. And we have a large community of incredible team members and private group to support you. 

 Here are a couple other videos to show you a little more about why dōTERRA matters to me.