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Personality Types and Traits- differences in character who are they really?!?

Ever feel like you could use help understanding Personality types and traits, what are the main differences in personality & character.

Want a personality assessment that is a quick easy evaluation to character development?

This video has a personality quick test & access to a fast quiz to understand the differences in your personality, and others.

A practical guide to personality types, personality shapes, & psychology gives insight & understanding of others.

Your relationships need your understanding. Your support, and HOW OTHERS need it, not HOW you may want to give it.

That is what we are doing here...

You know that friend who would DO ANYTHING to help, but she’s ALWAYS late…

  • (Circle) She needs your validation to say NO sometimes!

Your kid who forgets almost everything, yet has a zillion great ideas...but never finishes any of them

  • (Squiggle) Help them finish, and encourage that creativity. You never know, they might invent the next pool noodle.

That Co-worker (or your other kid, or partner) who stalwart, valiant and truthful, seems like they never want to talk about the deep stuff.

  • (Square) Woo them with facts, do your research, allow THEM to invite you into their space (headspace too)

How about that sister who has always had to be the boss, call the shots and just take charge of what the plan is. Ugh!

  • (Triangle) Go ahead, tell her You Got This (but really DO) and let her back burner and just be present. Triangles are ALL in doing or they are OUT not running the show.

Some people could almost drive you NUTS 🐿🥜

What if there was a really easy way to understand them, support them, and help where and how they need it most.

Catch this video on the CHARACTERISTICS of the 4 Personalities.

Cheering for YOU!!

And yours... YOU MATTER!



P.S. Please feel free to share… and any ah-ha’s, share those too!

P.P.S. Is there something I can answer, help, support, do a video topic on?

That’s what I’m here for! Comment - on social - or YouTube

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