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Flip this one thing... to make every relationship better

Remember those relationships that you have everywhere? 

There's this one simple thing you can do, it's one little thing...But it really FEELS GOOOOD!

Appreciation text messages. Playful text messages of appreciation to even help if you need to exit the friend zone.

Avoid text misunderstanding easily, show your appreciation, keep the conversation going, and understand how to better be in relationship.

(In my head I just heard cousin Eddy in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation as he dipped into the egg nog say, "that is goooood") 🐿 Squirrel. 

This video is not only about  playful text messages of appreciation...

It's a Hack, Tip, Trick, Insight... One thing to FLIP, to better be in relationship. Simple. 

You have to check this video out if you want to easily improve your relationships.

I am continuing my series on relationship tips, and hopefully in time for you to make it... 

YOUR❤️ BEST 💞Day of Love ❤️EVER!!

P.S. And if you like the video (hit like, Subscribe) and PLEASE share it!!! 

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