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Getting better together.  

Holistic Health Coaching for real people with real lives.

 6 Weeks to a renewed better YOU

We will be addressing the MANY facets of health and we will be “in movement” with what we learn each week. Knowledge without change is just information. In order for you to change, you have to change something you do daily. That’s what this program is built on, changes that create long term health, happiness and success.  

Topic Outline

  • Week 1- A Holistic approach to Primary foods- now this is SOUL food y’all. Re-write what a diet is, and layman’s terms for label reading

  • Week 2- “Listen Up” says your body. What those aches are telling you?Emotional health, because there are those times that emotions find us at the table. 

  • Week 3- “It’s your skin talking” Really. Those spots, what they say, and skin mapping, what your face it telling you.  

  • Week 4-Aint nobody wanna sleep like a baby! For real! Reseting sleeping patterns. Enjoy movement “Exercise” what do you love, hate… love to hate

  • Week 5- Get in the Closet! What do you hear when you see? Maybe the closet is a good place for you today? Communicate YOU... and up level the quality of your life

  • Week 6- Refuel with relationships. Love language learned from LISTENING to the Dog in you! Help for the bunnies. Real life hacks for real life kid food fits. Mommas this is your game changer.

      All Sessions recorded and available for participant replay. 


Blocks will come up... we have group coaching sessions to keep you accountable and HAPPILY progressing.



Wellness is more than a number. You are more than a number. I know we define ourselves this way. _X Pounds, _X_ years old, _X_ number of kids, _X_ dollars in the bank, _X_ times been married, and on it goes. 

Yet if you have big numbers in business, the bank any and every other area of life or success… if you aren’t centered and winning in your health, lifelong health, you will not be happy.

 Health is happiness, health is freedom, and with health winning in all areas of life, it’s a life worth living.

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far go together. Lasting changes can be hard to stick to alone, surround yourself with likeminded people...

You’ll want Cheerleaders and a Coach!

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30 day satisfaction guarantee... If you aren't satisfied with the value delivered, simply request a refund. You have everything to gain, and nothing to loose. Ready? Let's do this! 


"You are an inspiration to me, in life, business and energy creation!" 



"I am so thankful to know you. You are a gifted leader. I wish I could spend more time in your presence" 



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