Showing working moms the bridge connecting them to their natural Cyclical energy and to unapologetically use their biology to help them achieve goals & dreams for the seasons of their lives

Hi, I'm Emily.  I'm here for the working moms in the heat of it, working and raising kids (while also doing everything else!) 

Working moms are burning themselves out (and usually others) in the process, doing things the way they do, and in spite of all they are accomplishing they're still not feeling in sync with their lives...  
Feeling a bit like the Frazzled, Rubber-band (ready to snap) Working Supermom... 

I know her...

Do you? 

I'm passionate about showing them a more effective way that the majority of women have never done before. 

It's a way that works WITH the energy cycle... the feminine cyclical nature, to unapologetically use their biology to help them achieve goals and dreams for the season of their lives

Here's the thing... 
You've been conditioned to live by a clock that isn't true to women's cycles or the cycles of the planet you live on 🌎  

It's not your fault! We are all taught the daily hustle, grind and make it happen. We are taught to be our best, be at peak state, on our A game... always.
We are NOT taught how to work with our unique feminine cyclical energy to maximize our results. 
That's like the Earth being in perpetual summer! That's a recipe for burnout 

I know you. 
I feel you...

You want to be The Working Satisfied Supermom

Look, you don't have to work harder. You just haven't learned to use the right tools to understand how to use a woman's cyclical energy to set goals that work with and in unison with our natural rhythms. 

I believe Working moms are the best at CRUSHING goals

You should be a goal killer! You, working momma. Your kids need to see you set and reach those goals too. Children learn what they live. And not just making the end of the day ✅ and everything done ✅  without snapping goal. 

Click below to learn about my unique process... The Satisfied Working Mother Method 

Ready to understand your innate feminine energy cycle? 👇🏼 Access my Sample Video Series Below
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The next generation of happily ever after starts NOW  

If you want more about me... 

What People Say...

"You are a light in a confused world & a guide to so many lives. Thank you for everything that you do & are. You give me permission for my light to shine


"I truly cannot express how grateful I am to you and the amount of support you've given me. What a life changing experience! I know you played a LARGE part in helping me reach my long awaited and very much needed goal! You are a ROCKSTAR!


"Thank you for inviting me to step up. I needed to get refocused and the challenge really helped me! This is a true blessing!